We provide complete packages with cutting edge equipment, utilities and catering set amidst a 21st century semi-retro luxury ambience overlooking our swimming pool and garden.



Half Day
Full Day
Full Board
Residential Full Board Twin
Residential Single



Hight Speed Wi-Fi for reliable connectivity wherever you go.
Big-screens where you want video conference facilities.
Our tech staff can turn glitches into fixes anywhere you’re gathering, working, and networking.
Technology to make your meetings seamless. The exceptional execution you demand.
Tell us what you need.
We’re listening.

Food & Drink

Now’s the time for fresh seasonal harvests. For chefs with local producers. For farm-to-table eating.
You’re looking for tapas, build-it-yourself plates and artisanal treats. Comfort foods (but lighter versions). Small bites and big flavors. Desserts to take away.
And non-traditional break options like food trucks, juice stands, nuts, dried fruit and candy bars.
You appreciate craft beverages, flavor-balanced cocktails, homemade infusions and limited batches.
And you’re passionate about your health goals; you expect respect for dietary restrictions, and you care about your footprint.
We hear you. Now it’s time to see how Veranda Hotel catering services has redefined dining.


The furniture’s actually comfortable. I can put it where I want it.
The screens are built-in (not some afterthought).
Charging stations – right where I need them.
I want mixed seating early, then a communal meeting set-up with lots of screens; and later, something more formal (just temporarily).
Design some casual break-out venues plus open networking spaces.
Set aside that boardroom for the VIP seminar.
Dial it up the last night with stadium seating and stage lights.
I can see this happening.
It’s actually gonna be fun.

Meeting Size

It’s true we’re moving beyond the traditional focus on space, dates and rates – not that we’ve forgotten about them.
Just that we know you’re looking for more.
Meetings that serve their purpose fantastically well.
Excitement about what’s been achieved.
A commitment to sending people home inspired
That’s what we’re here for.
If there are just a few of you getting together for some collaboration, we’ll look forward to meeting you.
If your gathering’s on the small side (seminar, training session or the like), we’ve got you covered with intimate event space.
And if you’re holding an auction, trade or fashion show, big awards ceremony or a huge annual conference, then we’ve also got everything you’re going to need.

Meeting Room Maximum Capacity (Persons)
Round Table Board Standing Theater Class Room U-Shape W L H Sqm
Ebony 20 18 40 36 24 15 4.4 7 3.4 31
Maple 20 18 40 36 21 15 4.5 7 3.4 31
Oakwood 50 30 80 70 45 24 7.4 9.4 3.4 67
Ebony + Maple 40 30 80 70 45 24 9 7.4 3.4 64
Ebony + Maple + Oakwood 90 48 170 140 90 42 9 14.5 3.4 132
Mahogany 80 48 130 120 63 42 7.4 14.5 3.4 115
Olive 35 25 80 75 45 30 7.5 12 3.4 90
Pine 25 20 50 50 25 25 6 11.4 3.4 70
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