Shopping in Senayan District

Explore | 19/12/2023

A district full of high-class shopping centers in the heart of Jakarta. You can find a variety of local & international brands in modern shopping centers like Senayan City, or luxury brands in Plaza Senayan.

Plaza Senayan opened in 1996 and is one of the most established Shopping Centers in Jakarta, today. Over the years, despite the various development and changes undergone around Plaza Senayan, Plaza Senayan has successfully maintained its status of sophistication and elegance.

Get pampered and be indulged inside Plaza Senayan as we fulfill your desires with a variety of international and local brands for apparel, leather goods, accessories, opulent jewelry, digital living, comprehensive selection of restaurants and cafes. Plaza Senayan is conveniently located at the South end of Jakarta’s Central Business District (CBD), positioned next to Jalan Sudirman and near Jalan Gatot Subroto – two of Jakarta’s main thorough fares.

Meanwhile Senayan City, the premier shopping destination that offers top-tier shopping and lifestyle experiences. The complex comprises a unique combination of prestigious offices, high-end shopping, entertainment, and residences, providing a truly inspiring working, shopping, and living experience. Established in 2006, Senayan City is a leading shopping destination attracting over 24 million visitors annually. With more than 400 stores featuring international premier brands, flagship stores, and unique concept stores, the complex spans an area of 1.2 million square feet. Senayan City has a special place in the hearts of Jakarta society and is now leading the category in delivering the capital lifestyle experience to a wide array of shoppers.



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