Evening Out in Senopati

Explore | 19/12/2023

Experience the trendy and upscale neighborhoods in Jakarta, known for their vibrant atmosphere. Renowned for their diverse and high-quality dining options. The neighborhoods come alive at night with a bustling nightlife scene, a popular destination for those locals & expatriates that are looking for a vibrant and sophisticated evening out.

Senopati has evolved into a gastronomic haven in Central Jakarta. With each passing day, more and more new bars and restaurants are emerging. Indeed, there is an abundance of restaurants with unique designs and delectable culinary offerings in this area.

For those seeking a culinary journey in unique dining establishments, here are 5 places to visit in Senopati Gunawarman.

  1. H Gourmet & Vibes
    This new restaurant offers American cuisine with a Southern twist. While it operates as a restaurant during the day, it transforms into a vibrant bar with delightful drinks and chill music at night. One recommended drink is the Nutellish, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.
  2. Holy Crab
    Holy Crab is known for serving its dishes without plates. The crab is served directly on the table, accompanied by a hammer for cracking its shell.
  3. Le Quartier
    This Fine-Casual French restaurant boasts an elegant and modern design. Surrounded by numerous chandeliers, the restaurant also features graffiti on its walls. A must-try menu item is the Smoke Duck Pizza.
  4. Colette & Lola
    This place is located right below Yeyo and might be the most famous dessert spot right now. All the cakes here are shaped adorable like lego, monsters inc, and the coolest of all is the Big Mac. Not a burger, but Big MACaroons. Giant macaroon with a pipette filled with sauce.
  5. Chateau Blanc
    Chateau Blanc is possibly one of the most exclusive restaurants in Jakarta. Upon entering, you’ll feel like you’re in a French palace. This fine-dining restaurant was once awarded as “The Best Restaurant in 2014.” For those seeking a romantic and private dining experience, this place is perfect.



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