Around Veranda Hotel Pakubuwono

South Jakarta welcomes visitors from all around the world with an exciting array of attractions. Discover typical destinations that are easily located during your stay.

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Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (GBK)

A multi-purpose stadium and sport complex that is located in the center of Jakarta. Well known for sport, music concerts & big gathering events. LEARN MORE

Batik Tailoring in Pasar Mayestik

A traditional market that is well-known for textiles, clothing, accessories, and fabrics. A hub for creating or buying traditional Indonesian clothing, such as batik shirts and kebaya. LEARN MORE

The Vibrant Little Tokyo of Blok M

Dive into the vibrant urban nightlife in Blok M, indulge in a diverse culinary experience especially known as Little Tokyo, and uptrend coffee shops in M Bloc and around. LEARN MORE