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Dirgantara Statue

President Soekarno who wants to be made a statue about the aviation world of Indonesia or aerospace. This statue depicts the human space, which means to describe the spirit of courage of the Indonesian people to explore the sky

Shopping Mall

The best shopping malls in Jakarta not only serve as great places to shop, but also to hang out and be seen. Veranda hotel close to Gandaria city mall, Pondok Indah Mall, Palza Senayan & Senayan City.

Senayan National Golf Club

Senayan National Golf Club is the only city golf course in Jakarta, which makes it a very popular course with the business community of Jakarta. “The course layout is challenging and renowned for its “tight”, tree lined fairways. It’s a true test for golfers of all levels”.

Ragunan Orchid Garden

Situated in the suburb of Ragunan, in front of Ragunan Zoo, Taman Anggrek Ragunan (Ragunan orchid garden) is an excellent place to pick up orchid plants. The Orchid garden has 42 lots with around 30 orchid vendors, and each of them has thousands of pots of orchids.

Santa Market

If you’re looking for youth culture in Jakarta Pasar Santa is the place to find it. Outside around the market there are lots places to eat and all-night flower shops. Inside there are record shops, lots of vintage and cool t-shirt shops and then there are so many amazing food stalls.

Kemang Food Festival

Kemang Food Fest is a very popular night foodcourt, especially with local high school and college students. If you party in Kemang, chances are you will end up there at one point of your night either to start it or to finish it, and you shall see many familiar faces.

Kite Museum

The Museum is a private museum far away from boring formal ambiance of most of the places you will find in Jakarta. The Kite museum is more hommy, cozy, colourful and a simply fascinating. The Indonesian Kite Museum was founded with the goal of becoming the center of kite education. 

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