Veranda Hotels & Residences is a subsidiary of Pulauintan Development which was formed in 2012 and known sysnonymously with high quality products & services. We are the leading hospitality providers with prestigious projects ranging from star-rated hotels, serviced residences, and residences in Indonesia.


Drawing inspiration from the architectural significance of the word “veranda,” our Veranda brand embraces its roots and embodies the essence of this transitional space.


Just as a veranda seamlessly connects the indoors and outdoors, our hotels and residences serves as a gateway where guests can experience the perfect balance of luxury and comfort.


We strive for excellence in every project we undertake. Our approach involves not only constructing the building but also carefully selecting the location, using top-notch materials, and providing attentive service to ensure an exceptional living or stay experience.


Veranda’s vision is to be a Home for Everyone, catering to those on business or leisure trips, as well as those choosing to make it their home. Our commitment is to ensure everyone feels secure and at ease within our premises.


In everything we do at Veranda, our overarching goal is to realize our vision of making a home for everyone. Rooted in a belief that challenges the status quo and encourages innovative thinking, we are dedicated to creating beautifully designed products and delivering professional services. Our commitment extends to maintaining the trust of our customers and business partners by prioritizing their safety and comfort.


We aim to achieve this to leave an enduring mark on our guests. Through continuous innovation, anticipation of needs, and fostering genuine connections, we strive to craft a unique experience, fostering moments of joy, and creating cherished memories for all who choose Veranda as their home.